By Liao Zhe-min
Translated by Tang Yau-yang
Photos by Huang Xiao-zhe

Tzu Chi has been taking action to blunt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Taiwan ever since the first local case emerged in late January 2020. When the pandemic became more widespread on the island in May 2021, Tzu Chi expanded its services to help more people in need. The foundation built outdoor screening stations in communities or for hospitals to increase Taiwan’s capacity to rapidly screen for the virus. They provided disadvantaged students with computers and internet access for online learning at home, and packaged and supplied…

By Yeh Tzu-hao
Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting
Photos courtesy of Tzu Chi Vietnam

Tzu Chi Vietnam distributed aid to more than 6,900 needy families in the first half of 2021 to help them overcome the financial challenges of COVID-19. A relief operation like this may not have been difficult to carry out in normal times, but these aren’t normal times. Nothing is easy or straightforward in a pandemic.

Working with local organizations, Tzu Chi Vietnam distributed aid to needy households in Tây Ninh Province in January 2021. Each family received a bag of rice weighing ten kilograms (22 pounds) and other necessities.

In April 2021, COVID-19 reared its head again in Asia. One of the countries adversely impacted was Vietnam, which had been noted for its exemplary management of the virus since the disease…

By Liao Zhe-min
Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting
Photos courtesy of Tzu Chi Thailand

Everyone fears getting infected with the coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people avoid leaving their homes to reduce the risk. Read how Tzu Chi volunteers in Thailand continue to care for the health of refugees and provide aid for the poor during this challenging period.

Volunteers, wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves, visit a needy person in Thailand in May 2021.

A third wave of coronavirus infections started in Thailand in April 2021. The number of diagnosed cases rose from dozens to hundreds every day; by June, the number of new daily infections had reached into the thousands. All told, the country…

By Zhang Yu-fan
Translated by Tang Yau-yang
Photos courtesy of Tzu Chi Singapore

Of the more than 60,000 people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 in Singapore, 90 percent have been migrant workers. The services of these workers are vital to many sectors in the Singaporean economy. In response, the government has offered them testing and treatment, in addition to enforcing a quarantine to contain the spread of the virus. Tzu Chi has done what it can to help these foreign workers weather this viral storm.

Tzu Chi Singapore held an exhibition in November 2020 featuring fabric works created by migrant workers and others under a project called “Stay Home Quilt.”

In its Asia-Pacific Migration Report 2020, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia…

By Yeh Tzu-hao
Compiled and translated by Wu Hsiao-ting
Photos courtesy of Tzu Chi Hualien headquarters

India, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, has been one of the world’s hardest hit areas during the pandemic. The South Asian country recorded nine million coronavirus infections in May 2021 alone. Medical institutions were overwhelmed by the sudden surge of patients needing care as COVID-19 spiraled out of control, which resulted in a staggering death toll. Here is how Tzu Chi reached out to help.

PPE donated by Tzu Chi arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, at the end of May 2021.

COVID-19 vaccines started to be approved for use at the end of 2020, bringing hope to…

By Zhang Li-yun
Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting
Photos by Hlengisile Jiyane

“Please spread my ashes over the places I’ve visited in Zimbabwe. I want to continue to help suffering people in this country in my next life.” These were the instructions from Tino Chu, a Tzu Chi volunteer in Zimbabwe, to his wife when his condition became critical after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Tino Chu (left) and other Tzu Chi volunteers in Zimbabwe distribute rice and blankets to underserved families in Gutu, Masvingo Province, to help them through the difficult time of the pandemic.

The government in Zimbabwe announced a nationwide lockdown in March 2020, even before the coronavirus began to escalate in the country. Public transport was banned, checkpoints installed, and police went on patrol to stop anyone who…

By Ye Zi-hao (葉子豪)
Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting (吳曉婷)

The sum benefit is greater than the parts when organizations of different religions work together to bring relief to the underserved. More people benefit from joint efforts than can be served by the organizations working independently.

“Master, the Tzu Chi spirit is very good, but Turkey is a Muslim-majority country, and I’m a Muslim. How do I take the Tzu Chi spirit there?” Faisal Hu (胡光中), then a 33-year-old Turkey-based Taiwanese businessman, posed this question to Dharma Master Cheng Yen in Taiwan in October 1999.

In March 2021, a fire ravaged a shanty town in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, affecting more than 7,000 people. Tzu Chi worked with its partners in the nation to provide aid to victims. (Photo provided by Tzu Chi USA)

Tzu Chi at the time was…

By Matt Shonfeld and Julien Faure
Photos by Julien Faure
Abridged by Chang Yu Ming (張佑民)

Pangolin, a shy and gentle creature, is one of the most trafficked animals in the world as it is seen as a luxurious delicacy with medicinal properties. Moreover, some scientists believed that it is one of the carriers of the COVID-19 virus that has swept the world of late, though no concrete evidence was found.

Pangolin, a shy and gentle creature, is one of the most trafficked animals in the world as it is seen as a luxurious delicacy with medicinal properties. Moreover, some scientists believed that it is one of the carriers of the COVID-19 virus that has swept the world of late, though no concrete evidence was found.

They are elusive creatures, seldom seen, sometimes known as scaly anteaters. Pangolins are nocturnal, and their diet consists of mainly ants and termites, which they capture using their long…

Text and Photos by Bruno Zanzottera/Parallelozero
Abridged by Chang Yu Ming (張佑民)

In the remote region of Zanskar in Northern India, the teachers of Lamdon Model High School must battle harsh weather conditions and cross treacherous mountain paths just to reach their school. However, they know they are bringing hopes to those living under the Himalayas.

When the temperature is not low enough for the river to freeze over, travelers must climb the treacherous rocks on the side or risk getting stranded in the valley.

We walk in the shadows, squeezed between gorges where the sun cannot penetrate even at noon. Sometimes the icy surface of the river is smooth as a mirror, showing phantasmagoric designs and requiring good balancing skills. At other times, the upper layers of the…

By Yeh Tzu-hao (葉子豪)
Photos by Michael Xiao (蕭耀華)
Translated by Wu Hsiao-ting (吳曉婷)

In April 2021, a train derailment in Hualien, eastern Taiwan, brought 49 lives to an abrupt end and broke the hearts of people across the island. The tragedy was Taiwan’s deadliest rail accident in decades. Tzu Chi volunteers mobilized to provide help, support, and warmth to hurting people.

On April 3, the day after the rail disaster, the Taiwan Railways Administration used large cranes to put the derailed train back on the tracks to be towed away from the site of the crash.

At 9:28 a.m. on April 2, 2021, an eight-car Taroko Express train operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration slammed into a construction truck that had slipped down a slope into the path of the train. The accident occurred…

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